3 Ways to Decorate with Mint

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Maybe it’s the sweet sirenesque call of the beach whispering in my ear, but I’ve been having a love affair with the colour mint for weeks now! This refreshing hue catches my eye daily, from jewelry, to bathing suit cover-ups,  to throw-cushions, and I simply can’t get enough.

I decided to add a little fuel to the fire by starting a Colour Crush: Mint board on Pinterest, and I invite you to follow along! If you’re entertaining to idea of introducing a new statement colour into your home or office, I’ve got 3 ways that you can do so, whether you’re prepared to jump-in head first, or you’d prefer to test the waters.

Go Bold: Paint a Wall
Lets start off with something daring, shall we? If you find yourself crushing on a colour (maybe for longer than a few months to rule out passing fancy), why not go bold and paint a room in that heavenly hue! You may want to consider if there are any large pieces of furniture, or perhaps an area rug, that would clash with your choice colour; If so, you’ll need to decide if you’re willing to replace or revamp those items. If you generally keep your furniture pallet neutral, adding an unexpected colour to the walls can be totally refreshing!

Image via toctocvintage.com
© Julien Fernandez - Bordeaux - France. Appartement a Bordeaux. Architecte d'interieur : Fusion D.
© Julien Fernandez – Image via fusiond.fr

Make a Statement: Paint Furniture
If you’re not quite ready to take your walls from demure eggshell to daring sea-foam, you can still bring ample colour into your space with a little DIY action. The key is choosing an item that can stand to be the focal point in your room – an ornately framed mirror, or a bookshelf to hold prized possessions for example. A striking colour can also bring life to an otherwise boring or tired-looking piece of old furniture, so keep your eyes open when perusing those summer-time yard sales!  

Image via decoist.com, Chair by thefamilylovetree.com
Mint Bookcase. Image via abeautifulmess.com

Be Selective: Curate Accessories
The beauty of choosing to introduce a pop of colour into your home via accessories, is that you can change them with ease at any time! No worrisome commitments, or fear of making a terrible choice that could break the bank, or take hours to reverse. Vases, bookends, picture frames, and area lamps are all great ways to add a colour accent to your space in a repetitious way that pleases the eye. And again, if you see potential in an accessory that isn’t the colour you covet, remember that a coat of paint will do the trick!

Glass blown vases. Image via femina.se
Lamp from barnlightelectric.com. Image via svkinteriordesign.com

Your home is such a fun place to get creative with colour and curate a sacred space that inspires and energizes you! Happy decorating, 


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