Eva’s 1st Birthday Party

A year ago today, I was at home in the middle of what would become 20 long hours of intense labour. Despite being one week overdue, and it being the hottest month of the year, I would have been perfectly content to simply stay pregnant for a while longer, thus delaying the inevitable. The prospect of birthing Baby Melon (as we affectionately named my bump) seemed impossible—completely, 100%, NOT possible. 

But I did it; I pushed 7lbs 3oz of new baby from my tired body. So although today we’re celebrating Eva, I’m also looking back in awe at what my body was capable of. This morning my husband wished ME a ‘Happy Birth Day’, and it meant everything to me.

A year has passed by so quickly, and Eva is growing into a happy, playful, social little girl! As a nod to her in-utero nickname, my sister wanted to make her a watermelon cake. It seemed only fitting, and we pulled together a variety of pink and green decorations for an outdoor celebration.

The Birthday Girl got a special cake all to herself, while the family feasted on these adorable cupcakes. We used reusable silicone liners from IKEA, which just happened to be the perfect colour. I picked up the cardboard platter and flags during a visit to Holland a few years ago.

Eva seemed oblivious that this party was for her! But between eating outdoors, dozens of balloons, colourful food, and her cousins running about, she was totally delighted at the happy commotion.

Having never held a balloon before, Eva was fascinated by these feather-light, squishy, squeaky toys. Forget presents… just give the girl balloons! 

Unlike some enthusiastic babies who smash their cake, smear it all over their face, and then delight in a sugary feast, Eva’s first bite of cake was rather dainty. After a few nibbles she opted for watermelon instead (ie. more cake for mom).

Thank you to my sister for making Eva’s beautiful 1st birthday cake! Thank you to Mum and Dad for coming to visit and for brining Eva’s cousins. And thank you to my hubs for being by my side as we learn to be parents and teach Eva about the world.

Happy Birthday Eva!