Heritage Airbnb Home Tour – Twillingate, Nfld


As the weather cools down, we’ll soon be tempted into hibernation with long socks and steamy lattes. But before snuggling-in for the season, I say now is the perfect time to take another vacation! Trust me — there are fewer crowds in September, and you won’t be fighting any mid-summer heat bombs as you see the sights.

This time last year, the hubs and I travelled to the East Coast with my sister and her husband. Mostly, we stayed close to St.John’s, but we took a few days to travel north to Twillingate, with the ultimate goal of visiting the renowned Fogo Island Inn. Located on the centre edge of “Iceberg Alley”, Twillingate boasts incredible views of, well, icebergs. You’ll also find yourself in a lively coastal village filled with the most delightful berry wines and (true to Newfoundland’s reputation) the friendliest locals!

The Home
Built in the late nineteenth century, this shoreline cottage is now an Airbnb treasure that allowed us to step back in time to a quieter pace of life. Aptly dubbed
The Pumpkin House because of it’s orange exterior, this live-in museum is endlessly fascinating. From antique postcards, to the real polar bear skin draped along the stairwell, I was bursting with curiosity! And If I was really itching to know the story behind a given artifact, all I had to do was ask the owner, Nancy, who conveniently lives down the street. I invite you to scroll through my photo diary, and maybe plan a stay of your own!



The Dining Room
These mint walls are charmingly retro! I love the wooden furniture and many of the “personal touches” which include a small photo album and a collection of worn novels.






Between Rooms
More antique photos and paintings adorn the wall along the staircase towards the bedrooms. I lingered around antique sewing artifacts, and a collection of miniature trophies, before finding our room.





The “Teal” Room
We choose this room for it’s colour, AND the adorable Staffordshire dog figurines.





The “Boy Scout’s” Room
Woodland motifs and men’s shaving accessories gave this room a rustic Canadian feel.




The “Cottage” Room
Sea shells and delicate embroidery gave this room a feminine touch!



The “Little Girl’s” Room
This room was particularly fascinating, as guests are not allowed to actually sleep here. The daughter of the original owner was born in this room! Now an elderly woman, her room is maintained as a tribute to the family’s history. And, as a fun fact, the mattress is supported with rope tension, which inspired the old adage “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”!





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