How to Plan a Day Apple Picking


It’s harvest season! Living in Ontario, I feel so lucky to be surrounded by farms of various kinds, namely apple orchards! Bring on the pies, crumbles, ciders, and butters (Oh, I could go on — and did I mention I LOVE apples?!)

After years of talking about apple picking, the hubs and I finally decided to go. I had a romantic vision of meandering through the trees, filling our baskets with ruby red apples, and maybe sneaking a cozy kiss beneath the branches. And don’t ya’ know… it was just like I imagined! The perfect weekend activity for the Fall season. Keep reading below for my tips on how to plan your own romp through the apple trees!


BYOB (Bring Your Own Basket)
Most orchards will have baskets or bags ready for you to collect your apples with, but some may not. Best to bring your own just in case. And if you plan on collecting more apples than you can carry, make sure you call ahead to find out if the orchard can provide you with a wagon. Given our zealous apple picking, we were glad to have a wagon to cary the load!

Dress in Layers
It’s that time of year where you can’t be sure whether the day will be reminiscent of summer, crisp and cool, or overcast and drizzly. So go prepared! Start out by dressing in a few comfy layers; a light long-sleeved shirt, sweater and jacket (hooray for jean jacket weather!), toss on a scarf, and bring a pair of light gloves. Check the weather before you head out, and know that rain doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cancel your plans. Go prepared with rubber boots and raincoats to ensure you’ll have a lovely outing despite a downpour.

Pack a Picnic
Orchards are notoriously picturesque; you can prolong your time in the fields by sharing a home-packed picnic with your apple picking party (try saying that 10 times fast). Fresh bread, tapenade, maybe a bottle of wine… perfection! That said, don’t assume the orchard owner will welcome you sitting down for a meal just anywhere. Be courteous — make sure you ask permission before laying out your midday spread.

Bake Something Delicious
How better to keep the magic of your harvest rendezvous alive, than to bake something utterly delicious! If apple picking is the “means”, then surely apple crumble is the ultimate “end”.  On your drive home, spend time dreaming of your favourite apple laden treats. Whether you’re with friends, family, or the apple of your eye, planning to bake with freshly picked apples is a real delight!

Share the Bounty
The harvest season is a time of plenty! Handpicked apples make a lovely gift, whether or not you go the extra mile and turn them into a dessert first. If you’re likely to receive dinner invitations in the coming weeks, think about packing 6-8 apples in a small basket and including your favourite festive recipe. Fingers crossed you’ll be invited back to enjoy the resulting baked goods!













Happy Harvest luvlies,


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