How to Write A Luvly Letter

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Growing up without email (my family didn’t own a computer until I was 12!), you had exactly two options for getting in touch with your friends and family – you could phone, or you could write. I would chat for hours on the “family phone” (I know, I know, stone age right?), but as friends moved out of the city and long distance charges applied, we learned to love writing letters.

The letters I’ve received are like time capsuled treasures which I periodically take out to reread. I can honestly say I never sift through my inbox to reread emails – ever. When you mail a letter, or even a short note, I believe you’re sending a little bit of Love. I guarantee that this small gesture will brighten someones day, and quite possibly their entire week! Here are a few tips on how to make this act of love even sweeter.

Luvly Letter 5

Pick Pretty Stationary
If you’re like me you pick up fancy note cards and paper every other week, just in case. I like to have some supplies ready so that when I feel inspired to write, I can just sit down and go for it! Next time you’re in a stationary shop, or art supply store, pick out something with colours or patterns that excite you. Trust me, if you love it you’ll be more likely to write on it!

Write By Hand
First things first, you don’t have to be a calligraphy expert to have someone appreciate your written-hand. However, you do need to write legibly – the good news is that’s about it. Whether you prefer cursive writing or print doesn’t really matter, it’s the (literal) personal touch that counts. I know it may be a little scary to write on the fancy paper you just bought in permanent ink, so if you’re feeling less than confident, do a test run by writing a few sentences on regular lined paper first. Once you’ve got the feel for writing your letter, you’re ready to go!

Share Your Story
It’s likely that your friends and family already have an idea about what’s going on in your life; they see your Facebook updates, they follow you on Instagram. That said, there is a level of intimacy and detail acceptable in a letter, which you would never share on your social networks, mostly because no one has time to read a good story when they’re rapid-fire scrolling through their feed. But when your friend receives your handwritten letter, they’re going to curl up on the couch – possibly with a cup of tea – and dedicate real time to reading your words, so give them all the juicy details about how life is treating you. And the best part is you can share without interruption!

Write From the Heart
You’ve taken the time to put pen to paper (something so few people do nowadays!) so now’s your chance to write from the heart. You might tell the recipient how much their friendship means to you; how grateful you are for the advice they give, or the kindness they show. Even if you’re not writing to say thank you for something specific, there is definitely something this friend gives to you which deserves your gratitude. Don’t keep it a secret, let them to know you appreciate them!

Add Embellishments
Pen Pals were a big deal when I was under the age of 15 and I used to LOVE getting mail addressed especially to me. One of my dearest friends and oldest Pen Pals never failed to add a little something extra to her letters, be it funky stickers, school photos, or sometimes candy! Whatever embellishments she chose, they made her letters extra special to me. Today I like to play with coloured markers, washi tape, and pretty stamps. Recently I even brought my digital photos to the printers so I could mail a group photo to my girlfriends! Have fun, and consider making the envelope just as dazzling as the letter itself.

Luvly Letter 1

Luvly Letter 2

Luvly Letter 6

Luvly Letter 4

I’m so happy to share my love of letter writing with you. I hope you feel inspired to reach out to someone dear with this simple (yet oh-so-special) project!


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