Introducing Our New All-Star


Friends… It’s finally happened! After 41 weeks of eager anticipation (90% of the eagerness occupying the 41st week), our little GIRL made the move from womb-to-world! If you’ve been following Rather Luvly on Instagram, then you’ve already had a sneak peak of her sweet little face. 

So, without further ado, I’m proud to introduce Eva Rosemary! Eva was born at home (more on that experience to come), with the skillful and loving support of my midwife, my doula/sister, my mum, and of course my lovely husband. We chose the name Eva after my maternal Grandmother – who was as kind as she was clever – and Rosemary after my Godmother – who embodies spirit and strength.


We’re two weeks deep into being new parents, and it’s quite the roller coaster ride. Amidst all the crying and poop-a-thons, there are sweet moments where Eva will smile or make a new, adorable coo which makes it all worth while. 

Now, during a time when I feel like I have so much to share, I hardly have time to write two words together. It’s my hope that Rather Luvly continues to inspire you with life’s simple pleasures, peppered with our fun family tales.

Stay tuned,