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Happy Spring friends! It’s been over a month since I sat down to nurture my ‘blog baby’, and I can’t believe how the time flies when you have a real baby to care for! My little girl is already 6 ½ months old — and although she’s growing more independent by the day, she hasn’t yet mastered the art of daytime napping. Oh how I wish I could tell her what a luxury it is to sleep mid-day (one I so rarely enjoy.*sigh). 

So, not only am I full-time ‘momming’, but we’re working on a HUGE, life-changing personal project that I can’t wait to share with you! (We’ll be revealing the details early this summer so stay tuned). All of this activity means I’m strapped for time in a big way, which is why I’m excited to have this super simple DIY up my sleeve this year!

DIY Easter Centerpiece - 01

With a few white linens and some silverware, you’ve got the perfect blank canvas for creating a bright and cheery Easter table. All you need for this sweet bird’s nest DIY is a light-weight scarf in a pleasing Springtime hue such as plum, periwinkle, or pink!

DIY Easter Centerpiece - 02

To create the nest shape:
Begin by holding the scarf by one of it’s corners. Depending on the overall size of scarf you are using, you’ll want to loop it round two or three times before laying the it on the table. Make sure all the corners are neatly tucked within the folds. Arrange a few faux eggs in the scarf and voila! — You’ve got yourself a cute centerpiece. 

DIY Easter Centerpiece - 03

DIY Easter Centerpiece - 04

DIY Easter Centerpiece - 05

DIY Easter Centerpiece - 06

DIY Easter Centerpiece - 07

If you’re looking to extend the bird motif (and you find yourself with the time to shop around), check out your local decor stores for bird figurines, branches, and small cages. I find this theme really delicate, perfect for Easter brunch or tea!

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