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Isn’t it fascinating when an event draws thousands of people into one place for the purpose of sharing an experience? When we gather in large numbers, our experience simply magnifies. And an activity as humble as the yoga practice can become quite grand, awe-inspiring and exceptionally joyful!

This is what brought nearly 2,000 yogis of every age, shape, and ability (myself included), to Toronto’s Garrison Common this past Saturday for the Lolë White Tour.

Like the practice of yoga, this large-scale event, organized by Montreal active-wear company Lolë, transcends each individual and reaches beyond the boundaries of the city, reminding us of the global community of which we are a part.


First stop on the 2015 schedule was Paris, with yoga under the Eiffel Tower (Pardonnez moi? How did I miss that!), followed by Montreal’s Old Port. Toronto was the Tour’s third stop, after which the movement heads to New York in September, and Los Angeles in November. 



In the name of cultivating peace, practitioners wore white, becoming an inspiringly bright sea that swayed in unison to an hour-long class lead by Grace Dubery and Lisa Messina. Their tranquil speech and thoughtfully guided practice, paired with the radiant mid morning sun, had everyone aglow!  In a moment of gratitude, everyone gently joined hands in support of Grace’s belief that “An individual’s journey inward must ultimately lead back outward, to engagement with the community.”

After a morning of sun salutations, we sat on our yellow mats for a picnic lunch; peaceful, grateful, and in no particular rush. What better way to kickstart the weekend!







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If you’re looking for more of the #LolëWhite experience and haven’t made your vacation plans for 2016, you may be interested to know the tour is headed to Asia, with a special event in Cambodia, the Tour’s first stop. Yoga at the Angkor Wat temple complex (the largest religious monument in the world!) would certainly be an experience worth sharing.

A very special thank you to yoga studio 889 Yoga for running their their Lolë White Tour pass giveaway via Instagram. I (along with several other delighted winners) received passes by sharing a picture of my favourite yoga posture! (I’m all about that #TreePose). Namaste friends.


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