Make Your Yoga Practice More Peaceful

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Last Thursday evening, in the name of Peace, I joined 3,000 yoga lovers in Toronto for an outdoor yoga session. As is tradition for the Lolë White Tour, guests dressed in white from head-to-toe (even my toenails received a coat of white polish!) It was a beautiful sight, and peacefulness truly did surround us as a wave of Oms carried the setting sun out of sight.

What started as a way for me to stay in shape, has quickly grown into a deeply meaningful practice. Yoga has helped me create the time and space I need to meditate on life — which sounds like a way bigger deal than it really is! I’ve realized that peace blossoms when you stay in the present, when you relinquish control, and when you recognize the power of your thoughts and intensions!

Today I’m sharing the ways I’ve learned to invite more peace into my yoga practice, and as a result, my day-to-day life. Namaste Luvlies!

Make your Yoga Practice More Peaceful

1 // Take it one yoga practice at a time. Focus on the present session, leaving the past in the past, and the future for tomorrow.

2 // Trust your instincts and listen to what your body is telling you. Your mind and body may benefit more from 5 minutes of child’s pose, than the next vinyasa sequence.

3 // Reserve judgement of others. Everyone comes to their mat for different reasons, and with different levels of experience. Quietly commend that they showed up!

4 // Reserve judgment of yourself! Truly, comparison is the thief of joy – so resist feeling mightier than the noobie, as well as inferior to the expert.

5 // Extend goodwill beyond the boarders of your mat. That may mean sending peaceful intensions to your neighbouring yogi, or love to a distant friend in need.

6 // Take in the energy of the room. Group practice can be very powerful when you believe everyone is there to better themselves and the world, so soak it up! 

7 // Don’t forget to breathe! Deep and steady breath calms the nervous system and supports the cultivation of inner peace.

8 // Recognize that all things are temporary – the Dancer’s Pose you totally rocked won’t last forever, and neither will the Pigeon Pose that tortured your tight glutes!

9 // Relax your face. Notice when tension starts creeping into your neck, jaw, and brow… let it all go with an exhale, and replace it with a soft smile.

10 // Know that your yoga practice can be expressed on and off your mat; It’s a mindset that extends into all aspects of your daily life!

Peace Through Yoga 01

Peace Through Yoga 02

Peace Through Yoga 03

Peace Through Yoga 10
Sophie @smittensophie, Amara @laceandbraids, Joëlle @lapetitnoob, Gabriella @gabpacifico
Peace Through Yoga 05
Lisa Messina @drishtiyogini
Peace Through Yoga 06
Miranda Leeann @thelittleyogini

Peace Through Yoga 07

Peace Through Yoga 09
Kerry of @889yoga

Peace Through Yoga 04

Peace Through Yoga 11

Peace Through Yoga 12

Peace Through Yoga 13

The next Canadian Lolë White Tour™ tour stop is August 18th in Montreal’s Old Port.

Peace & Love,


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