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I’m really excited to announce that I am now a Lifestyle contributor to The Wonder Forest blog! If you have not yet visited Dana’s lovely corner of the internet, you must do so; her blog is filled with fun DIYs and more! Here’s a sneak peak at my contribution:

I’m a really big believer in taking serious time to celebrate yourself (or more aptly, #treatyoself). I think we’re all well aware that we live in a rather fast-paced day and age. And sometimes it can feel as though we’re ON all of the time. Tiredness, lack of creative energy, and generally feeling uninspired are the marks of a girl in need of some R&R! My favourite remedy (other than to quit this modern world in exchange for the Tibetan hills and a lama named Julian) is to treat myself to a Spa Day – a close second in my books.

The title of this post may suggest you need to devote an entire 24 hours to pampering – and, while that would be bliss, not everyone can carve out that kind of time. Treating yourself well doesn’t need to happen all at once and is, in fact, better spaced out; making it more routine, and less of a one-time deal! So mix and match these tips to your heart’s content, and tuck them in to your daily doings for an instant recharge…

Head on over to The Wonder Forest blog to read the full post!


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