Welcome to Rather Luvly

I’m so very glad you’re here! Whether you have deliberately dropped by, or have happened upon Rather Luvly by pure happy chance, maybe you are here for a reason.

I’d like to think so.

Hello Luvly

So, what is the Rather Luvly blog about? It’s funny to try and offer a description for a blog which has only just begun. I suppose Rather Luvly is a soul searching project; the remedy to an itch that’s been driving me crazy for over a year. There’s been a whispering in my subconscious to create something of my own – something worth sharing.

I’ve racked my brain, and honestly put a lot of pressure on myself, to determine what I’m meant to do with my life! As though I should pick one path and throw all my energies in that singular direction. Know what I mean? And what I’ve realized is there is no one answer. You don’t fit into one bucket, and neither do I. I truly believe we are too many wonderful things to simply be labelled as one thing in life – so it is with this blog.

Great! So you accept that you are a multitude of things, but what things exactly? It begs the common (yet somewhat scary) question,

Who are you?

What a deceptively simple question!

You might start out by saying, “I am a Canadian”, finding identity through place. Then “I am a student”, or “I am a designer”, the positions in which we spend the majority of our time. Next perhaps you say “I am a wife” or “I am a friend”, defining ourselves by the people we love. The list may go on and on to include pastimes; “I am a stamp collector”, “I am a dog lover”, I am a star gazer”.

But how well do these descriptors actually capture the splendid totality that is you? And even though they may be self-assigned, they can only exist within the context of your surroundings and relationships. It’s a real stretch of the mind to think of who you are without those things.

Is it possible to be joy? Can I be love?

At the end of the day, we are inextricably connected to the world around us. And through this blog I want to be connected to an even bigger world where I can share all of the Rather Luvly thoughts and events that help us to find out who we are.

My hope is that, as I uncover a little bit more about who I am, you might do the same! So lets dig deep, feel the love, and (perhaps most importantly) allow ourselves to be all the things.


711 thoughts on “Welcome to Rather Luvly

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