Yoga For Your 2nd Trimester

Ahhh, the 2nd Trimester! Like many women, I experienced a renewed sense of energy during these months, and was no longer at risk of falling asleep every time I sat down to rest. Between running after my 1½ year old daughter and running my business, feeling energetic again was much appreciated. When I get the chance (usually once the Little One has gone to bed), I guide myself through my favourite 2nd Trimester yoga poses designed to build strength and bring balance to the body.

The following six yoga poses are ideal for women in their 2nd trimester. You can also try my favourite 1st Trimester Yoga Poses, which focus on spinal mobility and upper body strengthening.

1 // Seated Crescent Moon
As Baby grows, the muscles and ligaments around your uterus stretch, sometimes causing tenderness and discomfort through the midsection. While it may seem counter intuitive, easing into these sensations regularly with a gentle side-body stretch can help. In a comfortable seated position, take a few cycles of breath to quiet the mind and bring your attention to your expanding belly. Inhale to sweep your arms overhead. Exhale, grounding your right hand on your mat as you lean to the right. Reach your left arm up and towards the right, forming a canopy over your head. To exit the pose, inhale, straightening your spine, touching palms overhead before you gently exhale arms down. Repeat on the left side.

Tip: During your side-stretch, think of opening your chest towards the ceiling to avoid collapsing through the upper body.

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