Yoga for Your 1st Trimester

Just over a year ago I had the pleasure of expanding my yoga teacher experience with prenatal training. Much of what I learned was integrated into my regular practice, even after giving birth! Well,  I’m excited to announce that I am benefiting from these studies in an especially meaningful way, as I am expecting Baby #2 next April! 

Just as each woman journeying towards Mamahood is unique, every trimester of pregnancy brings about different experiences—both wondrous… and, well, less than glamorous. From a glowing complexion to backache and swelling, our bodies go through incredible changes as we nourish and grow the Little Ones within us. Whether or not you practiced yoga before pregnancy, prenatal yoga is an excellent way to stay fit, connect with Baby, and prepare for labor as you journey through all the ups and downs of becoming a Mama.

I’ve put together six yoga poses you can begin today, which are ideal for women in their 1st trimester.

1 // Easy Pose
What better way to begin your prenatal yoga practice than by connecting with your growing Baby. After all, this practice is for you both! Begin by finding a comfortable seat. Bringing one hand to your heart and the other to Baby, grow tall through the spine. Let every inhale fill your belly, making lots of space for your Little One. With every exhale, draw Baby in & up into a cozy abdominal hug. Now is the perfect time to contemplate a special wish or intention for your pregnancy journey. Continue for 5-10 breaths.

Tip: Sitting on a bolster or block will keep your hips comfortable and relaxed so you can focus on Baby.

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